How to Play


So, You Want to Throw Axes?

During both private parties and league play, customers will participate in matches consisting of three rounds of five axe throws per play.

Each lane consists of two targets where two customers will compete in head-to-head competition. Each customer will throw one axe at a time starting on or behind the throwing line that is 14’ from the target. After both axes have been thrown, customers will wait for their axes to come to a complete stop before passing the fault line and retrieving their axes.

Competitors will be allowed to throw at the same time at their respective targets or one after the other; each competitor can decide their format for throwing. Scoring is recorded after each throw to allow competitors to know their standings. See graphic for point values. On the fifth throw, either competitor may attempt to throw at Clutch, the green circles at the top of the target, however they must call Clutch before attempting it and then all other scoring options are no longer valid for this throw. After throwing all five axes for the round, competitors will switch targets on the lane and continue again until a winner is determined by winning best of three rounds.

In league play, and in compliance with the National Axe Throwing Federation match rules, if a tie is had at the end of the match, customers will use a big axe to find the tie-break. Spectators will be moved back and a chain placed around the extended throwing area required for big-axe throwing. Discretion will be used by Lumberjaxe to allow proficient private party customers to throw big axes.

For hourly play, customers come to learn how to throw, hone their skills for league competitions, or host ad-hoc competitions against friends or strangers.